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A person who derives ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

My Style

I am a graphic designer and a documentary style photographer. Combined this gives my clients a full suite of creative options: I can design your brand, take photos of your business and then put it all together on a website. I love nothing more than sitting down with clients and coming up with creative ideas and strategic campaigns for their business.

My creative services range from (but are in no means limited to):

  • logo design
  • branding
  • creative advice
  • website design
  • photographic images for your website
  • profile photography for employees
  • family photography
  • wedding photography
  • couples photography
  • event photography
  • product photography
  • lifestyle photography
  • food photography

About Me

Hi. My name is Kat. I am based in Perth, Western Australia. I am a graphic designer. I am a photographer. I’m a DIY’er. I’m an eco enthusiast. I’m a partner. I’m a Mama. I’m, what some people may refer to, as a fiesty redhead.

My passions have always been on the creative side. I graduated highschool to begin a design degree but I was soon misguided by my practical side and left my design course for a more “practical” office job. Whilst I built a solid career in corporate office management and executive assistance I was left unfulfilled. I ended this career in the advertising and marketing industry which only made me crave a creative career more. I practiced photography and design as a hobby but had to make it a reality – so I went back to where I started, to study graphic design! The good news for you – I have a creative AND practical mind. I understand that it’s all well and good coming up with something really creative, but it has to be applied in a practical way. Bonus.

Want to have a chat? I’m looking for eclectic projects that need a good home! Contact me.

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