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karridale_cottages_small-134When Olivia and Trey bought the Karridale Cottages property in early 2015 it was in much need of some love. Not only were the stone and rammed earth cottages overdue for some updates, but the business needed an entire rebrand. Olivia and Trey had big ideas for the South West property, including a hop yard which will supply hops to microbreweries, so we had to get this brand right from the start.

Olivia and Trey invited me down to stay at the property so I could take some photos and discuss the brand with them. It was a great way to do things, I was so inspired by the beauty of the property and one of my hand drawn sketches from that weekend ended up being the actual logo!

Karridale Cottages & Hop Farm


Karridale Cottages & Hop Farm

Karridale Cottages & Hop Farm

Karridale Cottages & Hop Farm

Karridale Cottages & Hop Farm

Karridale Cottages & Hop Farm

As we all shared a passion for sustainability I made sure their brand reflected this. I also suggested some alternative marketing solutions, such as designing a stamp so they could hand stamp their logo and business cards on recycled stock meaning little to no wastage. Olivia and Trey even had name tags made out of karri wood!

karridale cottages hand stamped business cards on recycled stock

I’ve since visited them a second time to capture all the amazing changes they’ve made to the property. The hop yard is planted and growing well. The cottages have had an awesome makeover with Olivia’s rustic design style, they’ve installed solar power, rain tanks for the hop yard and they’ve been renovating the original tobacco shed on the manager’s property.

Karridale Cottages & Hop Farm

It’s amazing to think it’s been less than a year since Olivia and Trey took over, they’ve made such a big change with many more to come. Watch this space!

As far as the website was concerned, Olivia and Trey wanted to represent the property as best as possible online. We knew there are people who will judge and decide on accommodation based solely on the photos and website.

karridale website

I think it’s awesome that Olivia and Trey are so passionately involved in the property, and I especially love that they have dog friendly accommodation. Their chocolate labrador Fuggles is super cute!

karridale website - about us page

We tried to make the website as informative as possible, including a mud map to the location.karridale website - location map

The cottage pages are full of images and even a helpful floorplan. We kept with the ‘sketch’ look for lots of the branding.

karridale website - accomodation page

And of course we created a blog so Olivia and Trey can share their journey with clients. One of the most interesting things to follow has been the development of the hop yard! Blogs also happen to be great ways to increase traffic to your website.

karridale website - blog page

Check out Karridale Cottages for yourself:



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