Photography: Once Upon a Wall (Han Solo)

once_upon_a_wall_HANSOLO-26If you get an eerie feeling someone is watching you when you park your car in the Hubert Street Carpark, it might just be Artist Han Solo‘s mural. The final mural for the Once Upon a Wall workshop series has been completed and what an amazing end to an epic two months of mural art goodness!  Han Solo has such an intricate style it was no surprise that it took three days to complete this mural (on the hottest couple of days too, I hope the sunburn is healing!). Unfortunately I missed the workshop but as you can see from the photos a lot of planning and definitely a lot of painting went into the final piece.

Thanks again to the Koolroom and Vic Park Collective. Hubert Street carpark is officially beautified.

once_upon_a_wall_HANSOLO-1 once_upon_a_wall_HANSOLO-3once_upon_a_wall_HANSOLO-6once_upon_a_wall_HANSOLO-4once_upon_a_wall_HANSOLO-11once_upon_a_wall_HANSOLO-10once_upon_a_wall_HANSOLO-13once_upon_a_wall_HANSOLO-14once_upon_a_wall_HANSOLO-16once_upon_a_wall_HANSOLO-18once_upon_a_wall_HANSOLO-20once_upon_a_wall_HANSOLO-21once_upon_a_wall_HANSOLO-23Han Solo Mural in fullonce_upon_a_wall_HANSOLO-24once_upon_a_wall_HANSOLO-27once_upon_a_wall_HANSOLO-28once_upon_a_wall_HANSOLO-36once_upon_a_wall_HANSOLO-35

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