Photography: Once Upon a Wall (Cheeks)

once_upon_a_wall_CHEEKS-15The fourth workshop to take place in the Once Upon a Wall series was Illustrator and Artist Cheeks. Cheeks completed the fourth wall of the Hubert Carpark toilet block with a funky pair of Toucans. This wall was completed with a combo of paint brushes and aerosols. Fellow artist Frank was there at the time watching Cheeks start the mural and commented on the sweet smell of fresh aerosol paint, and I had to agree – having personally watched this series unfold it has now become a smell that entices excitement and a fresh scene. I can’t wait to see the final two pieces complete this project!

Thanks again to the Koolroom and Vic Park Collective.

once_upon_a_wall_CHEEKS-2 once_upon_a_wall_CHEEKS-1once_upon_a_wall_CHEEKS-5once_upon_a_wall_CHEEKS-7once_upon_a_wall_CHEEKS-8once_upon_a_wall_CHEEKS-13 once_upon_a_wall_CHEEKS-18once_upon_a_wall_CHEEKS-14once_upon_a_wall_CHEEKS-16once_upon_a_wall_CHEEKS-19once_upon_a_wall_CHEEKS-21once_upon_a_wall_CHEEKS-20once_upon_a_wall_CHEEKS-22

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