Photography: Guy + Jana Get Married

guy_jana_wedding-1 copy (Large) When I agreed to ‘take a few photos’ (as my partner put it) for his best mate Guy and his German fiance Jana at their Australian wedding, I didn’t think much of it. “Of course!” I said. It was Christmas time so I was preoccupied, and it wasn’t until a week before the wedding that it dawned on me – they were asking me to be THE photographer. They were depending on me to capture the entire day! I didn’t feel prepared. I also didn’t forsee that I would would be having an average of three hours broken sleep a night thanks to my youngest kiddo, so when it came time to play wedding photographer I was a bit worried – could I really do this? I mean literally, could I even stay awake all day and into the night? But clearly Guy and Jana had faith in me, so I had to have faith in myself! And perhaps a few sugary drinks…

The wedding ceremony and reception was held at Wanneroo Golf Club in early January 2014. Organised from their home in Germany with (a lot?) of help from Guy’s family, the day was a mix of Australian and German traditions and even non-traditions with Guy and Jana opting to get their couple photos before the wedding ceremony so they wouldn’t waste precious time with wedding guests – I managed to convince them to let me organise and photograph the the first time Guy saw Jana in her wedding dress which is one of my favourite photos of the lot. See if you can spot it!

guy_jana_wedding-3 copy (Large) guy_jana_wedding-6 copy (Large)

guy_jana_wedding-8 copy (Large) guy_jana_wedding-11_b&w copy (Large)

guy_jana_wedding-15 copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-24_b&w copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-20 copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-28_b&w copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-40 copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-54 copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-62 copy (Large)

guy_jana_wedding-86 copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-98 copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-156 copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-148 copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-151_b&w copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-91 copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-105_b&w copy (Large) guy_jana_wedding-113 copy (Large) guy_jana_wedding-111_b&w copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-136 copy (Large) guy_jana_wedding-140_b&w copy guy_jana_wedding-142 copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-213_b&w copy (Large) guy_jana_wedding-217_b&w copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-287 copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-245 copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-258 copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-255_b&w copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-262 copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-285 copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-281_b&w copy (Large)

guy_jana_wedding-305 copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-357 copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-320 copy (Large)

guy_jana_wedding-391 copy (Large) guy_jana_wedding-396 copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-406 copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-417 copy (Large)guy_jana_wedding-425_b&w copy (Large)

guy_jana_wedding-446 copy (Large)

guy_jana_wedding-434 copy (Large)

guy_jana_wedding-477 copy (Large)

guy_jana_wedding-524_b&w copy (Large)

guy_jana_wedding-453 copy (Large)

guy_jana_wedding-551 copy (Large)

guy_jana_wedding-528 copy (Large)

guyandjana wedding comboHope you enjoy this very belated wedding present Guy & Jana! xo


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