Photography: The Jackson Family

Already being good friends with the Jackson’s it felt pretty natural to just pop over and take some family photos in their lovely home. It certainly helps that the two-and-a-half year old is already used to me sticking a camera in his face all the time! The three month old still has to get used to it – as evidenced by this very first photo…


Samuel Smiling

jackson_family_nov 2014_15_b&w

jackson_family_nov 2014_12

jackson_family_nov 2014_21_b&w

jackson_family_nov 2014_24

jackson_family_nov 2014_29_b&w

jackson_family_nov 2014_35_b&w

jackson_family_nov 2014_40

jackson_family_nov 2014_60_b&w

jackson_family_nov 2014_45

jackson_family_nov 2014_46

jackson_family_nov 2014_58_b&w

jackson_family_nov 2014_53

jackson_family_nov 2014_69_b&w

jackson_family_nov 2014_81

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