Photography: The Vic Park Wedding

I was pretty stoked to be included in this little secret Vic Park wedding. Bryan and Lisa only had their three children and Bryan’s brother’s family attending. Their wedding was fuss free and as local as possible, even walking to Raphael Park for the ceremony and then walking to L’Enoteca for their reception dinner! It helps that they live right up the road from both places ofcourse!

I joined the family at their house as they got ready for the wedding and loved the laid back and fun mood. We then walked to the park together (even carrying chairs to sit on!) and Bryan and Lisa got married under a big beautiful tree. I loved that their kids were part of their big day. And at the end of it all it made me realise that when it comes to marriage, love is all you need.

bryan_lisa_wedding_09 (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_21_b&w (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_23 (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_26_b&w (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_28 (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_32_b&w (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_36 (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_36_b&w (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_41 (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_45 (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_53_b&w (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_55_b&w (Large)


bryan_lisa_wedding_64 (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_69_b&w (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_77 (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_100 (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_104 (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_109_b&w (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_128 (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_128_b&w (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_132_b&w (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_140 (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_141_b&w (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_143 (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_153_b&w (Large)


bryan_lisa_wedding_156 (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_159 (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_167 (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_172_b&w (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_181_b&w (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_186 (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_189_b&w (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_204 (Large)


bryan_lisa_wedding_211 (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_212_b&w (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_221 (Large)

bryan_lisa_wedding_222_b&w (Large)

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