Photography: Frankie and Tom

Now I know why couples do engagement shoots. It’s such a beautiful time to capture a loved up couple pre-wedding. While I’m sure they’ll get stunning shots on the day (by another photographer) it will be nice for them to look back at themselves before they were married. It was also a chance to relax and have fun without the pressure of a wedding and guests and formalities. It wasn’t hard to capture the love between these two and the beautiful backdrop of Point Walter really set the scene.

frankie_and_tom_03 (Large)

frankie_and_tom_01_BW (Large)

frankie_and_tom_19 (Large)

frankie_and_tom_86_BW (Large)

frankie_and_tom_27 (Large)

frankie_and_tom_37 (Large)

frankie_and_tom_35_BW (Large)

frankie_and_tom_45 (Large)

frankie_and_tom_58_BW_new (Large)

frankie_and_tom_60_BW (Large)

frankie_and_tom_54 (Large)

frankie_and_tom_49_BW_new (Large)

frankie_and_tom_68 (Large)

frankie_and_tom_76_BW (Large)

frankie_and_tom_80 (Large)

frankie_and_tom_69_BW (Large)

frankie_and_tom_66 (Large)

frankie_and_tom_85 (Large)

frankie_and_tom_82_BW (Large)


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