Photography: More than just food

I love returning clients, especially ones who make delicious food! So when I got the opportunity to shoot Harvest Espresso’s new Autumn menu I was delighted. I was even more pleased when they asked me to take a few more shots of the cafe and decor. I love this kind of photography as it’s all about finding the beautiful in everyday things. Here are some of my favourite shots.

harvest espresso autumn 2014_style_081 (Large)harvest espresso autumn 2014_style_104 (Large)harvest espresso autumn 2014_style_089 (Large)harvest espresso autumn 2014_style_102 (Large)harvest espresso autumn 2014_style_063 (Large)harvest espresso autumn 2014_style_031 (Large)harvest espresso autumn 2014_style_023 (Large)harvest espresso autumn 2014_style_107 (Large)harvest espresso autumn 2014_style_037 (Large)harvest espresso autumn 2014_079 (Large)harvest espresso autumn 2014_style_057 (Large)harvest espresso autumn 2014_style_048 (Large)

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