Photography: The Wicks Family

I thought I had finished working for a while (given that I’m three weeks away from having my second baby) but when the Wicks asked if I’d take some family shots to include their newest addition I couldn’t resist! Whilst I had to decline an outdoor shoot due to the heat, I offered to come to their house and I’m so happy with how it worked out. Their home is filled with the most gorgeous natural light which made for some lovely photos! I think the unposed, natural and relaxed style of this photoshoot is what made the photos come out so well. Here are some of my favourites.

Wicks Family Jan 2013_164 (Large)

Wicks Family Jan 2013_055 (Large)

Wicks Family Jan 2013_074 (Large)

Wicks Family Jan 2013_039 (Large)

Wicks Family Jan 2013_018 (Large)

Wicks Family Jan 2013_087 (Large)

Wicks Family Jan 2013_084 (Large)

Wicks Family Jan 2013_063 (Large)

Wicks Family Jan 2013_008 (Large)

Wicks Family Jan 2013_116 (Large)

Wicks Family Jan 2013_133 (Large)

Wicks Family Jan 2013_094 (Large)Wicks Family Jan 2013_156 (Large)


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