Photography: The Whittle Family

When Lynne asked me to take photos of her and her siblings… and their partners… and their kids… I will admit I was a little frightened. There is a lot of pressure to get everyone smiling, and not to mention that many young kids to cooperate! The location was the park across the road from their parents house, though their parents didn’t know because it’s going to be a surprise. Fortunately we did it early in the morning and their parents didn’t spring us and I think we captured the good side of everyone!

Whittle Family030 (Large) Whittle Family032 (Large) Whittle Family004 (Large)Whittle Family052 (Large) Whittle Family022 (Large) Whittle Family066 (Large) Whittle Family062 (Large) Whittle Family_Mark


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Mama. Graphic designer. Photographer. Eco enthusiast. Perpetual DIY'er. Vic Park Community Geek. Feisty red head.

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