Photography: Matteo’s First Birthday

Gorgeous little Matteo is such a relaxed little dude it was a pleasure to photograph his first birthday and capture all his family and friends. The party was held at Tomato Lake on a hot day and fortunately there was a great amount of shade for everyone which also helps for better photography!

Matteo Turns One_204 (Large)

Matteo Turns One_011 (Large)

Matteo Turns One_014 (Large)

Matteo Turns One_016 (Large)

Matteo Turns One_074 (Large)

Matteo Turns One_004 (Large)

Matteo Turns One_077 (Large)

Matteo Turns One_081 (Large)

Matteo Turns One_091 (Large)

Matteo Turns One_109 (Large)

Matteo Turns One_155 (Large)

Matteo Turns One_200 (Large)

Matteo Turns One_161 (Large)


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