Photography: Kids and Nature

It wasn’t going to be hard to get great photos of these sisters Mackenzie and Zoe (they’re just so gorgeous!) though kids are kids and they rarely sit still, or smile at the same time, or stay clean! So by taking lots of photos I ended up with enough good shots, by following the kids lead we ended up finding some natural smiles, and with my good friend Photoshop I managed to remove the chocolate stains from Zoe’s white top and also some pedestrians walking in the distance. I also feel really lucky to have this natural bushland so close to my home. What a great day!

red eclectic_max & zoe1 red eclectic_max & zoe2 red eclectic_max & zoe4 red eclectic_max & zoe5 red eclectic_max & zoe8 Max &red eclectic_max & zoe9red eclectic_max & zoe6 red eclectic_max & zoe110red eclectic_max & zoe7

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Mama. Graphic designer. Photographer. Eco enthusiast. Perpetual DIY'er. Vic Park Community Geek. Feisty red head.

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